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The telecommunications industry is going through a multiservice revolution, with a shift from legacy to next−generation networks and the introduction of new and advanced services (e.g. IPTV, VoIP, LTE, Mobile TV, mobile Internet, etc.).

More and more service providers are progressing to triple−play and even quad−play packages in order to provide a one−stop shopping service to customers. To stay ahead in today's volatile market, ARPPU work to provides convergent Services with deployment flexibility, business flexibility and low TCO. Highdeal Transactive offers this power to its customers − incumbents as well as new entrants SMB; allowing them to differentiate next−generation services and giving them a guaranteed edge in the marketplace.

ARPPU Telecom SAE is an Egyptian Joint Stock Corporation established in October 2009 according to investment law No. 8/97 and Stock Market Law No. 95 for year 92 and work to provide Triple Play Services and Mobile Broadband in Egypt under Broadband Wireless Access License (BWA) and target to market services to many market segments inclusive Residential , Small Business and Individuals Customers.

Board Members

Mahmoud Hassan

Chairman of The Board

Mahmoud have over 10 years experience in ICT business , he work in 2003 as Executive Manager for National Project for IT in Egypt, following he established AMICANN for Internet Services in 2004 and act as GM and build partnership with all ISP in Egypt and leading International Telecom companies to be as a hub in MEA Region. Later in 2005 he establish and EgyLine as expansion for Internet Services. In 2007 he act as Chairman & CEO for SIPRING a communication company established in Hong Kong and beside Telecoms he established a manufacturing firm by assembling laptops to make computer laptops bare bone in China mainland and do complex design sets of motherboard in Taiwan beside some communications devices like Woki Toki, APs and mobile phones.

In 2008 he act as Chairman of ARPU Network Limited based in Liverpool, UK

And now he act as Chairman and CEO of ARPPU. Mahmoud holds Bachelorís of computer Science with honors degree and Master's and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Cambridge College of Technology, He Study now MBA in Suez Canal University.

Alshaimaa Mohamed

Board Member

Alshaimaa work in 2011 as Professor and Chief of Art Department in the Preparatory Year at Tabuk University in Saudi Arabia, she hold Ph.D. In Political Science with honors degree.

Shahenda Mohamed

Board Member

Shahenda work as Head of Electronic Services for PR in the technical office for Undersecretary of the Ministry of Youth in Giza, Egypt. She holds Bachelorís of Management Information Systems.


Mahmoud Hassan


Mahmoud Elminiawy

Senior VP Operations and Maintenance

Mahmoud was acting as VP Operations and Maintenance in Telecom Egypt till end of 2012, he holds Bachelorís of Engineering in Telecommunications from Tanta University.

Rick Wen

VP Business Development

Rick have over 20 years experience in ICT business. He owns many successful business in the past latest as VP for largest WiFi Module manufacturer based in Taiwan region and his own company was producing WiMAX Equipment in 2006 beside that he was the first to introduce mobile phone antenna to US and EU market early 1990s. Rick holds bachelorís of Economic from University of Warsaw in Poland and now study English for IT from Chinese University of Technology in Taiwan

Mohamed Mahmoud

VP Admin & Finance

Mohamed have 40 years experience in Government. He was Managing Director for Inspection and Control and Ministry of Education, he holds Bachelorís of Agricultural Engineering from Ain Shams University



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